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Project Management | Some of Our Cases

We assist organizations in doing the right projects—those with strategic alignment that make the best use of your time, talent, and budget—and doing them right.

Our approach to Project Management is to understand your culture and right-size practices to fit your organizational needs, aligning our recommended structure, tools, and processes with your goals and resources.

Below we are show-casing some Projects we have been working on, jointly with the management of some of our clients.

Pharma | Acquisition with Integration

A pharma co.acquired a smaller company that would complement its businesses.

An integration process was necessary.

We participated in this project with key client management for the integration process.

We used Asana, MSSmartsheets, and Slack for the project team collaboration.


SaaService | New Business Segment

We engaged in a market expansion project with a Southern California based company.

SOW: adding a service for HSE (health, safety, environment) via an APPS. for registration info online for the whole US/Canada markets.

Target: Oil & Gas database used.

More than1000 service companies surveyed.

Project length: +3 months


Software | SAP Developer Firm

Client: Texas, US, based software firm, SAP products developer for end users. 

SOW: checking the Brazilian market for IT/SAP product development in BR & Latam.

We provided full market research for the segment in BR and the client finally opened an LLC in Brazil.


Electrical | Small ERP Implementation

Based on the requirements, we joined forces with the internal finance team, in order to put together a small project team to help with the implementation of the SAP Junior ERP system.

We used MSProject, MSSmartsheets,and Zoom for the virtual joint meetings.


Capital Intensive | Monitoring Projects

The client is based in Virginia, US.

Capital intensive: the client helps companies monitor their big investment projects.

SOW: checking the US market for Water Treatment companies interested in their projects being monitored and reports issued on KPI's.

Water Treatment Cos. database.

More than130 companies surveyed.

Project length: +1 month

capital intensive.jpg

Foreign Acquisition | Mexico-Brazil

Our client, - a Mexico DF, MX based ceramic manufacturer- decided to expand into the Brazilian market.

We provided assistance to our client, with research consulting and business exploration of different Brazilian states, mainly focusing on the investment programs and incentives plans offered by different jurisdictions for Foreign Direct Investment.

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