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Project: Market Research for New Product 

With a passion for business, project management, and all things marketing, I have both the skill set and professional background necessary to dive deep into the project management world.


As an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication, I envision exciting projects in the industry. Browse my site to see all that I have to offer.

Below we are attaching the key information and slides of a Market Research Project we did for a client based on East and West Coast of the US.

Project slide 1.png

1. Project Summary (flashcards) 

Project slide 2.png
Project slide 3.png

2. Executive Summary

Project slide 4.png
Project Slide 5.png

3. Project Methodology

Project slide 6.png
Project slide 7.png
Project slide 8.png

4. Critical Success Factors and Risks

Project slide 9.png

5. Agreements & Legal Issues

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 14.07.19.png

6. Timeline Summary

Project slide 10.png
Project slide 11.png

7. Project Deliverables

Project slide 12.png

8. Samples of Similar Projects

Project slide 13.png
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